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A Forest of Thousands  of hectares  of Olives, millenary plants ... Patriarchs That have known wars, invasions, pestilences, famines, conquests ... but Their fruits were with our people since the mists of  time. for millennia the olive tree  was our symbol. Here "Salento" (Southern Italy) is a place in the  world where there are olive trees of over a thousand years. The Olympians knew these plants too. But now politicians want to cut them. ... because they (politicians) say that there is a bacterium called "xylella".  But they do not  show any scientific evidence. They just want to  get the European funds. they also want to throw tons of pesticides which are carcinogenic. Pesticides that are banned in half of the planet Earth! Here we are isolated from politics. We needs international assistance to prevent cutting of through dozens of hectares of olive trees. They want to cut millennium olive oil to make chemical oil !?! They will erase here over a thousand years of history in only two minutes. But there is a population that is reacting. Yet it is  not enough. The struggles against this chemical is now arrived here in southern Italy. so, They (politicians), (first) they wanted to take money from the  EU. For this reason (second) they invented that exist this bacteria (the Xylella) that was opportunely inclused in a black list where (third) the EU can say: ok. With this bacteria Italy must cut all the olves trees. (Fourt) Take this money. It was also banned planting olive trees.The people answer: We will plant olive trees And we will  rise ANYWAY! SORRY, WHERE ARE YOUR VERY BEAUTIFUL OLIVE TREES OF SALENTO? WHY  DID YOU CUT ALL THE TREES? YOU MUST ASK TO THE PUGLIA REGION: THEY KNOW THE REAL REASON ... #‎Let‬'sDefendTheOliveTrees oiuyttyu BELSALENTO DAL 1998 SERVIZI DI FRUIZIONE CULTURALE --- ~ --- Montaggio Video  a cura del dott  Giovanni Greco

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